SpeechTrans offering 90% discount during Covid-19 for Zapier

Allows anyone to integrate Speech Recognition, text translation, or Text to Speech to over 700+ apps with no programming required!

Instantly translates Zoom, WebEx, Cisco, Teams, Slack, Skype, Youtube, Facebook

The SpeechTrans Web App uses your computer's speakers and microphone to capture audio and translate it in real time, no matter what language or app audio source.

SpeechTrans for iOS

Translate speech instantly with no limits to recording length. Also includes currency converter, flight tracker, dictation and chat all in one app!

SpeechTrans SRT to TTS Converter 90% off

Translate videos with closed captions with our automated TTS wav audio file generator which lines up perfectly to the timing of the SRT file. Works in over 90 languages. Save Thousands of dollars by not having to hire professional voice over actors and use our App instead! Used by Harley Davidson, and John Deere to name a few companies.

SpeechTrans for Android

SpeechTrans is available on Google Play, get it today!

Want Live Interpreters?

We offer live interpreters in 144 languages for just $1.25/minute regardless of which language or time of day you call. Please email info@speechtrans.com with your estimated monthly usage.

Want us to help you with a custom project?

We have done projects for HPE, Microsoft, Intel and many others and would be happy to discuss how we can assist you with our translation tool set. Please email info@speechtrans.com to schedule a meeting to find out more info.



SpeechTrans for Zapier 90% Off during Covid

Discounted from $1099/year to $99/year during Covid 19


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