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Windows IT Pro- Rod Trent posted a follow up on the the SpeechOneAPI

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The Bing Translator Competitor, SpeechTrans, Demos at HP Discover

Rod Trent | Jun 16, 2014

Following up on an earlier articlewhere I talked about SpeechTrans making waves over Microsoft’s May 27th announcement at the Re/code conference about Skype’s upcoming language translator service, SpeechTrans has now provided their own HP Discovery demo.

The, almost 4 minute, demo is pretty impressive, showing how SpeechTrans Translator doesn’t just work over IP networks, but also works with standard phones to allow diverse languages to communicate.

What’s most interesting about SpeechTrans’ technology is that the company is not just developing for voice communications, but also intent on delivering the patent pending technology as a real-time controller for Smart Homes. This will allow applications to be developed in any language and then SpeechTrans’ technology can be utilized to convert commands into the local language.DO YOU WANT ACCESS TO2019 TECHNOLOGY SALARY SURVEY FINDINGS?YES, UNLOCK ACCESSNO, NOT RIGHT NOW

HP is already piloting the SpeechOne API to be used in the company’s HP MyRoom virtual meeting solution.

Here’s the demo: