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Imagine instantly translating and transcribing all of your meetings, class lectures videos or audio files even live tv in real time in  over 144 languages. All you need to do is install the app, run it and log in. once you are in just launch your Cisco Webex, Zoom, Intel Unite, HP MyRoom, GotoMeeting, Join.me, Teamviewer, Logmein, SiriusXM, Bluejeans, Skype, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or any Skype audio or video call.



Introducing The New SpeechTrans Ultimate Cloud Transcription and Translation App. Works with any audio feed and transcribes in real time any sound coming through the sound card of the PC. 

This revolutionary new application of the SpeechTrans technology can bie applied in an unlimited number of ways.
Imagine transcribing and translating your video calls in real time from skype, webex, gotomeeting, bluejeans, intel unite, join.me, youtube, facebook, or even live police feeds coming through a computer
Enjoy Continiuos Speech Translation
SpeechTrans Web  App enabled to provide real time transcription and translation of any audio source for only $99/month!
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