SpeechTrans at Mobile World Congress 

There was a lot of buzz going on at this year’s MWC in Barcelona around Wearable Smartglasses, Augmented Reality and Digital Contextual Awareness for the hearing impaired. SpeechTrans was behind the scenes using our proprietary software to deliver the production version of the HPE’s contextual Awareness Subtitle Solution seen here being tested by HPE’s own Meg Whitman. 



SpeechTrans had a part in both HPE’s booths this year
SpeechTrans work with HPE’s Software Analytics platform as a design partner was demonstrated by the book “The Mobile Analytics Playbook” which SpeechTrans COO Yan Auerbach was also published in. The App Pulse Mobile product line has helped SpeechTrans develop a 5 Star App and in return SpeechTrans helped HPE design a 5 Star Analytics Platforminfusionsoft.png

SpeechTrans, Epson & HPE work together to deliver #Innovation

Meg Whitman seen in the first above picture, CEO of HPE was wearing the Epson Moverio BT-200 during the testing of the SpeechTrans HPE Contextual Awareness product. This product uses SpeechTrans tech to automatically and transparently capture audio of any movie theater stream and project subtitles in any language onto smart glasses in real time. The future version, called the BT-300 SmartGlasses, seen below, are significantly lighter, have increased battery life, and only light up pixels when they need to be lit, true Augmented Reality Find out more at theater.speechtrans.com.


Future of Healthcare and #TheInternetOfThings

Interact and play with children while they are hospitalized. The future of medicine is here today. The Munarch Robot can have a conversation with voice recognition, text to speech and contextual awareness, part of the EU Commission initiative. SpeechTrans believes that the use of the SpeechTrans API will be embedded in these robots in the future to provide communication in any language instantly. 

See for yourself by downloading SpeechTrans today on the Apple App Store or Google Play and begin speaking any language!


Microsoft Hololense First View

Augmented reality is just starting out. The fundamental perception of reality and virtual reality of our world will be changed forever once this goes mainstream. SpeechTrans will be at the heart of this revolution with our award winning tech powering the content needed to make the augmented reality, well real. 
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