Quote Number QUO-0001
Quote Date September 1, 2023
Total $3,000.00
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Monthly Developer for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Web

Dedicated Developer with Scrum Agile Master Project Manager. Weekly or daily status updates, includes creating the app in its entirity, depending on possibly changing user requirements. This includes, the design, development, Web and server hosting, database hosting, of the Co Pilot Sales App. The high level functionality of the app is to run on a Tablet that the sales person brings with them on site to a customers house, when a question comes up that the sales person doesn't know they can either press ask the AI assistant or it can automatically detect and respond to the question in real time. There will also be an admin portal for admins to be able to listen and insert manual answers in real time to help the AI co pilot learn. We will be using ChatGPT Enterprise for customizing the AI. Initially we will build on iOS and iPad devices and Web, eventually we can develop for other platforms as well. Estimated time to complete the app is 3 months. Once the app is in production we can offer unlimited maintenance, hosting, support and updates for $2,000/monmth.

Sub Total $3,000.00
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Total $3,000.00

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