SpeechTrans Ultimate for Windows

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Stay in touch with your friends or meet new ones while being able to Communicate with ease and learn a new language in the process! Now use your Telephone as the Microphone! Introducing SpeechTrans Ultimate , the app that instantly erases communication barriers. SpeechTrans is the world’s only app that allows us to use Speech Recognition for Dictation, Translation and Chat with people from around the world without worrying about language differences. Product features include: •Universal: Allows you to instantly speak many languages with the power of your voice. SPEECHTRANS DICTATION: for emails, notes, and more •SPEECHTRANS TRANSLATION: Speech recognition in 26 Languages and have it instantly speak the translation aloud •INTERPREPHONE: Unlimited international phone call capability with or without automated translation • translate both voice and text-based communication in the following supported languages: •Arabic •Chinese •Czech •Danish •Dutch •English US •English UK •English Australia •Finnish •French EU •French Canada •German •Greek •Hungarian •Italian •Japanese •Korean •Norwegian •Polish •Portuguese •Russian •Spanish EU •Spanish Mexico •Swedish •Taiwanese •Turkish Speak naturally and understand foreign languages within a matter of seconds thanks to SpeechTrans. Powered by Nuance. “SpeechTrans saved my patient’s life.” – Alex Hamburger, EMT • 99% speech recognition accuracy Powered by Nuance, the same people who power Siri’s Speech Recognition • Recognition 26 languages • Male or female voice • Cut and paste text to be read aloud and translated • Voice to voice translation •  unlimited recording time, cloud storage of recording, also allows you to listen back to original recording anytime. dictate instead of type directly into any app!


Introducing The New SpeechTrans Ultimate Cloud Transcription and Translation App. Works with any audio feed and transcribes in real time any sound coming through the sound card of the PC. 


This revolutionary new application of the SpeechTrans technology can bie applied in an unlimited number of ways.
Imagine transcribing and translating your video calls in real time from skype, webex, gotomeeting, bluejeans, intel unite,, youtube, facebook, or even live police feeds coming through a computer
Enjoy Continiuos Speech Translation
SpeechTrans Web  App enabled to provide real time transcription and translation of any audio source for only $99/month!
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