Creative Design

Branding and Identity – We help you develop depth and perceptions about your business using quality design elements and positive customer experience—building brand value is a constant job and will make your customers trust and feel excited about your business. We help guide you in applying your well-defined business image in a strategic manner across all types of media.
Video Production – We help generate and convert creative ideas into quality videos aimed to promote your business in a unique and interesting manner. This process includes storyboarding, scripting, location scouting, hiring filming crew, casting, shooting, and post-production editing.
Graphic Design – Together Plattinum Media and partners bring forth a seasoned, knowledgeable and tasteful graphics team able to deliver a variety of trendy and thoughtful designs geared for happy clients and users.
Photography – The reality nowadays is that the quality of your images matter. Posting poor quality images can damage results. Allowing us to produce high quality images for your business will help you boost engagement and maintain consistent brand image across the board. After all, there is a reason why they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Digital Development + Management

Website Development – Your business’s website is its backbone. Social media marketing is ultimately aimed to drive traffic to your website to generate sales. We will help you build an engaging, unique, and user-friendly website that will inspire clients to take the next step.
Social Media Management – Managing your social media accounts is just as if not more important than creating good content. Scheduling your posts for the right time and ahead of time makes all the difference when it comes to optimizing the impact of your social media content.
Communication – Keeping consistent, engaging, and positive communication with your clients is vital to deepening business-client relationships and ensuring long term success of your business. Our team will take care of email responses, designing and drafting newsletters and making sales calls.
Web Hosting and Maintenance – Nothing is more frustrating than receiving a call from a client that the website is down. Leave it to us to keep your website bug-free, up-to-date, and fully-optimized. No more headaches.

Digital Marketing + Strategy

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a key component of any digital marketing endeavor. We can develop a series of strategies and tactics to increase your visibility on popular search engines and essentially drive more traffic to your website.
PCC and Adwords – We can organizes your Pay Per Click (PPC) activity; Increase the visibility of your business through strategic placement of sponsored ads on search engines and social media websites.
Social Media Advertising – Social media advertising in today’s day and age is constantly evolving at a rapid rate! Keeping up with the algorithm updates and constantly changing applications makes it difficult to place cost effective and engaging ADs. We’ll help develop specific AD-based campaigns targeting specific audiences. Plattinum Media can help your brand gain valuable exposure and increase company/brand awareness
Market Research – Market research and digital marketing go hand in hand to collect meta on consumer web preferences to better target clients. Our research using social media platforms can reach wide audiences in short amounts of time. Thereafter, your social media marketing can better target your audience!

Client Sales + Relations

The need for exposure to new clientele is a major part of growing every business. Need help promoting your brand and products in the field? We will assign you a Business Development Executive to manage your account and ensure that they reach a quota of prospects.
Field Strategy + Reporting – Nothing beats the connection when you make grassroots, face-to-face interaction with consumers to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.
Telephone Marketing – Like face-to-face interactions, telephone marketing can help your business generate more intimate and long-lasting relationships with clientele. The added benefit is reaching a bigger audience in shorter amounts of time.
Preparation and Execution – All of the above requires a bit of logistical planning, pitch composing, and training to make sure any grassroots campaign for your business is carried out in an efficient, cost-effective, and impactful way.

a little bit About Us:

Plattinum Media offers innovative marketing and social media solutions to help you spread brand awareness, cultivate customer relationships, and ultimately grow your business. We are the personable team you have been searching for offering individualized service unmatched in expertise, quality and efficacy by any other company.

Guy Platt

CEO, Managing Partner and Production Manager

Guy is originally from Tel Aviv, Israel and grew up in Boston and later in New York, where he was raised as an artist. His mother, a painter, inspired Guy to fall in love with the arts. Guy knew from early on that he wanted to leverage his artistic creativity to create a grand impact in the business world. After graduating high school from the Walnut Hill School for the Performing Arts, he acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance Media and Communication Arts with a minor in Business Management from Marymount Manhattan College. Guy began assisting various businesses through marketing and film production immediately after graduation, while continuing to advance his accomplishments as an avid ballroom dance competitor. Through his unique, strategic and impeccable business acumen, vast artistic background, profound relationship management and niche creative vision, Guy quickly acquired major success in business that led to the founding of Plattinum Media.

Alexander V. Rechits

Executive Consultant

Originally from Minsk, Belarus, Alexander moved to America in 1994. After graduating from Baruch College with a BBA in Finance and Investments, Alexander joined ICON Investments for 9 years where he successfully moved through various roles from Asset Management/Remarketing Manager to thriving as an Investment Associate. Regardless of Alexander‘s interest in finance, his hobbies are as artistic as they come. Being a professional ballroom competitor and dance teacher for over 20 years, Alexander enjoys engaging with diverse populations and loves to work with innovative companies with creative and strategic campaigns. Currently, Alexander is the CEO and President of iNBARCO Paradigm and Managing Director of Fire Dash Media. Alexander’s entrepreneurial accomplishments are quite versatile and with his experience in business development, strategy, finance, legal, administration, marketing and operations, Plattinum Media looks forward to all that Alexander will bring to the table as our team’s Executive Consultant.