Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds only $149
They can be used individually or between two people to hold a coherent conversation in two or more languages using SpeechTrans Ultimate in private. You can also use them to listen to music or just answer regular conference call. The built in charger lets them recharge up to 6 times even without an external power supply. We also offer access to our over 10,000 live interpreters on demand anytime for just $1.50/min (previous setup required click here to request live interpreter one time setup meeting.) Or if you only want the earbuds then click here to Buy Now

Brand New Redesigned SpeechTrans Ultimate works on every device.
Regardless if you have an iOS or Android Device, with SpeechTrans you can automate all of your translation needs. SpeechTrans can support custom voice commands with Surfi. Just open SpeechTrans and say “Ok Surfi Start Translation” to be navigated to the translation screen 100% hands free. You can tap the Surfi icon on the bottom to see a list of voice commands. Before any voice command you have to start speaking first by saying “Ok Surfi,” followed by the voice command.


Introducing the SpeechTrans Wireless Earbuds – Now Shipping only $299 with the SpeechTrans Smartwatch!

Instantly Communicate with anyone in the world!
Just pair the Earbuds to your phone or SpeechTrans Smartwatch. Can be used with 1 or 2 people to remove language barriers in 44 languages or add live interpreter in 144 languages!
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Workout Ready
Completely Wireless Earbuds produce surprisingly crystal clear sound in Stereo A2DP with ability for Earbuds to pair to each other for uninterrupted audio quality.
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No Outlet? That’s Ok Recharge with carrying case up to 6 times
Just place the Earbuds in the carrying case which has a built in battery and can recharge the Earbuds 6 times on a single charge!
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Superior Quality
High Quality parts made to last, latest Bluetooth 4.0 Technology, crystal clear Mic capture and easy to pair to any bluetooth device.
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Noise Reduction
Earbuds securely fit in your ears and stay in place. Also comes with a optional string you can use to keep the Earbuds together and allow them to be worn like a necklace when not in use.
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Best in breed technology
With the SpeechTrans Wireless Earbuds you get the latest in Bluetooth Audio technology which is wire free and hassle free. Use it for phone calls, translating important conversations privately, working out at the gym, or going for a run.
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Bundled with SpeechTrans Smartwatch 
The SpeechTrans Smartwatch is a Full Android 4.4 Smartphone inside the body of a watch. 1.2 Ghz Dual Core processor and 3G Sim card slot and up to 32GB Micro SD Card. It also has a 5MP camera and Blueooth 4.0. The Smartwatch comes pre-loaded with the Google Play Store and SpeechTrans Ultimate
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Get tomorrow’s tech – today
The SpeechTrans Smartwatch is much further advanced than any other smart watch on the market. With the ability to make phone calls using it’s own SIM card, or run any app your phone could run, the SpeechTran Smartwatch is a gadget lovers dream.
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SpeechTrans Inc

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Newark, NJ 07102




SpeechTrans SmartWatch


The SpeechTrans full Android 4.4 smartwatch

  • Smartwatch:
    Full OS Android 4.4 with Google Play Store
    Cellular range
    2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    3G: WCDMA 2100MHz
    SIM Card
    Comes with SpeechTrans Ultimate, HP MyRoom and can handle any apps.
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Can be it’s own mobile hotspot
  • Wifi
  • CPU MTK6572, Dual Core 1.2GHz
    ROM 4GB + 8GB Micro SD Card
    RAM 512MB
    Display Size 1.54 Inch
    Type Capacitive touch screen
    Screen Color 260K Colors
    Resolution 240X240  Battery
    Li-Battery 470 mAh
    Standby Time 100h
    Talking Time 4h
    Play music time 8h  Data Transfer & Connectivity Micro USB
    Data transfer USB/Bluetooth
    Mobile internet WAP/WiFi  Input: QWERTY keyboard
    GPS/ WIFI/ 5.0M Camera
    Other features: 3G, WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, Email, Messaging, Calendar, Calculator, Clock, Camera, Play Store, etc


  • Info Guide
  1. How to connect Wi-Fi?
  • In order to connect to your Wi-Fi, first you will need to press the center button, all the applications will open up and press settings.

Center Button > Settings

  • In the settings select WIRELESS NETWORK and click the first option “Wi-Fi”


After clicking on the Wi-Fi you will see all the different Wi-Fi networks that are currently available near you. Select the Wi-Fi, that you like to connect or you can either pair it to your phone. After you done, you can click the “Circle Shaped” home button to return home. Not that you are connected you can access SpeechTrans from your home screen and begun instantly eliminating language barriers. One you access SpeechTrans you will see there are six different features including Dictation, Translation, Chat, Interprephone, Photo Translation, and more.

You will ask for login, if you don’t have it then you will be able to register for new account from app. You can register through Facebook or with Google account.

The Home Screen of SpeechTrans

In the setting Bar you you disable the voice commands or check your flight tracker.

When you see a bar along the bottom you will always notice that it is always listening to what you are saying. SpeechTrans works on voice commands. There is a list of Commands in the left side of corner, if you click it you will see all the commands and if you say the commands that are in the list then you will be able to navigate the entire application with just your voice.

  1. Translation Settings

You can select what two different languages you like to translate by clicking on the top right option menu.

You will see two circles, by clicking any circles it will give you all the different languages that are currently supported by SpeechTrans.

For example; I have selected US English to Russian, I will click the US English circle (US Flag) and and a blue screen will pop up and then I will start speaking in English near mic area, it will start reading my language and will translate in Russian as soon as I am done speaking. And it will also read it loudly and dictate for you.

  1. What is Group Chat?

The newest feature in the SpeechTrans is the Group Chat. If you are using SpeechTrans Ultimate and would like to brush-up in your language skills, the best way to practice and learn is by speaking with actual people, there are native speakers around the world, who wants to help you in learning. In the Group chat, you are actually able to search different countries and you can select which country you would like to find people that are logged in. It will take you to global map that will allow you to see who is logged in and who wants to help you to learn that particular language that you want to learn. And you can do that only through SpeechTrans.

In SpeechTrans ultimate you will also able to take Image Translator, Convert Currency, Translate, sign and menus and then connect all of the translation history to over 550 different applications using our API. Find more info on http://speechtrans.com or email support@speechtrans.com.






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