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SpeechTrans for iOS now has a voice controlled Crypto wallet with Coinbase and Binance!

SpeechTrans has B2C B2B and B2E Pricing. Or you can embed our capbilitied into your workflow using zapier! Allow us to set it up for you free when you sign up for our API.

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Convert MP3 or Wav to Text. Create Wav from Text. Translate Anything all automatically with 1,000 Apps using SpeechTrans Zapier Zap. Just register today and begin using the Zap to get started!

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Quad Core 1.3 Ghz Processor 4GB ROM, 5MP Sony Camera, SpeechTrans World’s Most Advanced Smartwatch

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SpeechTrans Specializes in providing Results as a service through our consulting solutions. We provide highly customized cloud services for customers ranging from hosted virtual desktops to custom text to speech audio for their voice overs. To find out how we can help save you money and be more productive schedule a meeting below.

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