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SpeechTrans Remote Mic


SpeechTrans Remote MicUsed in conjunction with SpeechTrans Ultimate, SpeechTrans Remote Mic enables any telephone to serve as a microphone for dictation or to translate speech.

Don’t want to take meeting notes? No problem. Use your telephone to record and dictate the meeting for you. The meeting content will be available for you to review in the SpeechTrans application. With SpeechTrans Remote Mic, you can even dictate into specific programs on your computer, which brings business efficiency to another level.

SpeechTrans is powered by Nuance – the same technology behind Siri – and boasts a speech recognition accuracy rate of 98%, so you can be sure your speech is captured accurately.

SpeechTrans, built in part by Microsoft and featured as part of the Intel Business App Portfolio, allows users to translate text and speech into more than 44 languages.

Key features include:

• Allows you to use any phone as a microphone
• Simple to use
• Accurate speech recognition

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