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March 31, 2016
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August 29, 2016
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SpeechTrans Automated & Live Interpreter Access via InterprePhone

Welcome to the World’s First Enterprise Grade Automated Telephone Translator. SpeechTrans initially designed InterprePhone in 2011 when they were asked to do a demo at the Pentagon after 6 months from when they first launched their hit app, SpeechTrans Ultimate. During the demo at the pentagon (one of the most heavily fortified buildings in the world) the cellular signal which was needed at the time was getting blocked with the thick concrete walls inside the Pentagon. The demo went off with a slight delay due to the 1 bar signal strength and that’s when we decided to build SpeechTrans to work on ANY TELEPHONE LINE, and we built it just 6 months later and filed the provisional patent in 2010 for method of translating over a telephone.

Now you can get instant Acces access to HIPAA grade translation via automated or live interpreters 24/7/365. Starting at just $.15/minute for automated telephone translation in 44 languages, and $1.50 Instant access to our pool of over 10,000 live interpreters in 144 languages or which can complement any workflow to eliminate language barriers. You can’t afford not to buy it. Sign up today!

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