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August 12, 2013
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October 21, 2013
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Windows 8 SpeechTrans for Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Call anywhere in the world, Chat with any one no need for sign language. Developed in Collaboration with Microsoft and the hearing impaired community. Call any number, type and it will speak for you. Then it will type automatically what the other person says. Connect to all your existing contacts through Facebook, AIM, Yahoo and Gtalk Chat.

SpeechTrans Ultimate for Hearing Impaired is the worlds first global fully automated TTY service which works in 44 languages! There is also a chat feature which lets you connect to your friends on Facebook Chat, AIM, Yahoo, Google as well as other SpeechTrans users.

SpeechTrans for Hearing Impaired allows users to call any number in the world and type their thoughts, then SpeechTrans will automatically speak everything typed through natural sounding text to speech. When the other person on the call speaks back, it will automatically write what they said.

SpeechWeb compatible. Dont have a Windows 8 PC? It’s ok you can still use SpeechTrans for the Hearing Impaired on your Mac, iPhone, Android or other devices by our cloud hosted remote desktop called SpeechWeb. Click Here to learn more about SpeechWeb.

SpeechTrans for Hearing Impaired eliminates the need to learn sign language and was created with help from people from the hearing impaired community. It can even work in face to face conversation mode. Anything which is spoken to them will automatically by displayed on the screen for them to easily read.

Enjoy the freedom to speak over a regular telephone just by typing and reading the response without the need for any human intervention.or face to face conversations.


  • Worlds first Fully Automated Global TTY
  • Face to Face mode to eliminate the need for sign language
  • Connect with anyone in the world by calling any number as well as other hearing impaired users plus on Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and AIM


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