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August 12, 2013
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Intelliconference with HPE MyRoom

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Step 1. SpeechTrans With HPE MyRoom Getting Started Instructions

Thank you for your interest in SpeechTrans with HPE MyRoom. Your quest for the ultimate communication tool without language barriers has ended. Within this Email, you will find critical instructions which you will need to follow in order to make the most out of your SpeechTrans and HP My Room Trial.


Step 2. SpeechTrans HP MyRoom Setup Instructions
SpeechTrans with HPE MyRoom needs to first be activated in order to work properly on your devices. Make sure you go to the HPE MyRoom Site here and register for your free 7 day SpeechTrans trial of SpeechTrans Chat Translation.


Step 3. Launch HPE MyRoom 
After you install HPE MyRoom (Installation setup file located here) please Login using credentials created in Step 1. Then click on the options gear at the bottom at the bottom of the MyRoom Window and then click on speech.

Open your Conference Room or Chat and begin sending Translations!

Now that SpeechTrans is Enabled on your account, anytime someone sends you a message which is not in your selected language, it will be automatically translated to you and spoken out loud. Make sure you a. Select the Chat bubbles at the top to see the chat messages b. to select your spoken language in the drop down lower half of the screen c. press record and speak into your microphone to dictate instead of type back your responses. d. Both users have to have the SpeechTrans plugin for the translations to work. If you are looking for a solution for call centers or help desk with real time chat translation where only one admin user has SpeechTrans enabled and all participants who are guests can access translations please continue reading for how to setup the translation of any phone call or Voip call below.


SpeechTrans HP MyRoom for Business IntelliConference

Now To Enable the full SpeechTrans abilities which enable continuous speech to speech translation over any telephone call you need to first register for IntelliConference here. After registering you will receive an email with your conference code and pin to enable translation. To begin translating any conversation please follow these instructions below for both Telephone call translation and VoIP translation. Step 1. Open an HPE MyRoom Conference Room and press the Phone icon on the top ribbon of the Conference room then click “Add/Edit My Audio Bridge Entries” Select “Add IntelliConference Bridge” and press GO

Please Select the spoken language of the customer which is in the HP MyRoom session with you on the next page and click “Save and Test”. Now you can dial the local dial in number over from any phone or use VoIP to hear the conversation of the customer translated in your own language in real time!


Now that the call is connected to Intellconference you can dial the number on the screen to join the call to hear the translation of anything spoken in HPE MyRoom. To get the translation you can either dial in by telephone the number listed below and enter the conference room code and desired language or you can connect using any VoIP soft Phone client. Both examples are very simple and outlined below. 

Channel Segmentation Translation via Dial in number or VoIP Instructions

If you are calling from outside the United States and cannot dial the toll free number please dial the number below which accepts international calls. We understand the number might not be local to you as it is in Spain, but we can configure local numbers if you contact us directly by scheduling emailing support@speechtrans.com. Otherwise you can call the number below and enter the same conference room to call to hear the translation of whatever is being spoken by the customer who is in the HPE MyRoom Session. If you would like to hear the transaltion using VoIP instead of dialing the number, you can use LinPhone free iOS or Android app to join the meeting to hear the translation. Simply install the app and dial sip:500010@interprephone.com:5080 to be added to the conference bridge IVR (same menu which you heard when calling from a regular phone but without using your minutes. Then follow the prompts to enter your room number and you will be able to speak to the client with real time translation without them having to leave myroom. Please note once the call is in progress you can do a single translation by pressing 1 and speaking for a few sentences and it will translate to my room. Or you can manage the translation controls directly from MyRoom itself to enable or disable transaltion as shown below. In addition below you will find the links to the LinPhone app which you can install on any ios and android device and listen to any HP MyRoom IntelliConference call translated.

International Intelliconference bridge number

+34 931807145

You can control the conference either from the on screen buttons or from the in call controls.

On Screen Buttons are ASR Enabled = Translation On and ASR Disabled = Transaltion Off

You can also have more granular controls by pressing 1 on the phone to do a single translation or pressing * for continuous. Pressing the on screen buttons control continuous translation.

Please see the below links for Linphone to join the call Via VoIP and hear the translation Just dial sip:500010@interprephone.com:5080 from any LinPhone or softphone client to connect to the conference bridge and head the customers translation.



SpeechTrans Live Human Interpreter Network Click banner to setup meeting for live interpreter offering

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Instructions for IntelliConference Enterprise Conference Bridge

  • Dial Telephone Number to be provided on your dashboard after purchasing a plan from the Pricing page
  • Select your language
  • Enter Conference ID: Provided in your dasbhoard
  • Announce your name
  • Press 1 to speak your language, it will automatically translate into the opposite language when it detects silence. After it translates you can keep talking in your first language or press 2 to switch to the second language for a reverse translation.
  • Press 0 to enable auto detect start of speech and end of speech for each person (will disable having to press 1 and 2)
  • Each person will hear the dictation confirmation playback in their own language while it is being translated to the other person
  • Press 5 to speak to live interpreter (additional charges will apply)
  • If at any time you wish to pause translation, press *, to resume press 1 or 2 to begin translation again in the selected language

When finished with one dictation, the translation will automatically be spoken in the selected language of all other participants simultaneously, up to 500 participants on a single call

  • You may press ‘9′ to replay back the previous translation
  • You may press ‘#’  to go back the language selection menu


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