SpeechTrans & the Epson Moverio BT-200 Glasses

SpeechTrans fans know that you can count on us for staying ahead of the technological curve. True to form, here we are again with an exciting announcement.

The SpeechTrans Ultimate app, available from the Google Play store, is compatible with Epson’s Moverio BT-200 Glasses.

Why do we endorse this product? Because it’s darn awesome.

Here are some highlights of Epson’s updated new design:

• Runs on updated Android app
• Boasts a significantly smaller size than the original design
• Is more than 60% lighter than the original design
• Completely transparent design
• Offers seamless Bluetooth connectivity
• Includes prescription lens insert

We encourage you to explore the product’s many features by visiting our website here. You can even purchase the Epson Moverio BT-200 directly from the SpeechTrans website.



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  • Hearing Impaired release- Under Microsoft review
  • Sprout
  • Partnerships release


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  • - John Brandon is working on a story on innovative technologies that changed the way business is done. SSPR has sent over information on SpeechTrans.


  • ComputerWorld- Jonny Evans spoke with SpeechTrans on 12/9. He said the call went great and was very interesting. He is hoping to get a story up this week.


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FOX Orlando- Tom Johnson’s segment went live this morning 4/24:


ABC Orlando- Mario Boone’s segement went live on 4/17:


Huffington Post- Michael Berman included SpeechTrans in his Mother’s Day tech gift guide on May 8th:


Windows IT Pro- Rod Trent posted on the Azure news as well as the remote mic/demoing at HP Discover on 5/29:


SpeechTechnology Magazine: The Microsoft Azure news was written about on May 30th:


KGO-TV – Michael Finney posted his story on June 4th:


Windows Azure release-sent to wire 5/29:


TMCNet- Deepika Mala with TMCNet posted on the API on June 18th:


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CBS Greenville- Ryan Peterson included SpeechTrans in a segment on best new apps on 9/3.


Real Time Communications – Paula Bernier posted an article on SpeechTrans on 10/21:


InformationWeek – Shave O’Neill posted a story on wearables at work on 10.21:





Pending Items



Boston Globe – Diane Daniel, travel reporter, would like to review the next version of the app when available.


  • Mashable- Samantha Murphy has received her wristband she hasn’t been able to test it out yet, but will get to it soon. SSPR is following up.


  • Government Computer News- William Jackson is interested in connecting with a police officer that has used SpeechTrans. SSPR has sent backgrounder and is connecting with Justin.


  • Smart Travel-DaraContineza is interested in the updated app and how it works for travellers. SSPR will send final release.


  • EMSWorld- Scott Craven’s is interested in looking at a video of SpeechTransSpeechWeb. SSPR is following up.


  • Travel + Leisure- Nikki Ekstein is interested in SpeechTrans and plans to take a look at the new app. SSPR is following up.


  • International Travel News- Dan Barr is interested in SpeechTrans and they are considering for print. SSPR is following up.


  • Woman’s Day- Karen Asp is interested in the new app and is planning to download it. SSPR is following up.


  • TheNextWeb- Paul Sawyer has not had a chance to look at the app yet, he will let us know as soon as he does.


  • Travel Examiner- Lysa Allman-Baldwin is interested in demoing the app. SSPR is working to organize a demo with SpeechTrans.


  • FOX San Francisco – Jana Katsuyama asked if there are any local law enforcement agencies are using SpeechTrans. SSPR is following up.


  • National Travel Examiner- Doug Bardwell is interested in the app and asked if it uses data. Doug would like to speak when the the translations are available offline.


  • The New York Times – Elaine Glusac is interested in the SpeechTrans update. She has asked us to follow up mid next week. SSPR will stay in touch.


  • WallStreetJournal- Lizette Chapman is interested in SpeechTrans and would like to cover exclusively when you close your series A.


  • CNET- SharaTibken met with John and Yan on 9/18 for a demo of SpeechTrans on the Epson glasses. SSPR is following up.


  • VOA News- Jim Randle plans to move forward with a translation story next week. He would like to speak with SpeechTrans.


  • TheNextWeb- Roberto Baldwin plans to include SpeechTrans in a story about Epson and their smart glasses. SSPR is following up.


  • AGBeat- Lani Rosales is considering doing an introductory overview of SpeechTrans. SSPR is following up.


  • Digital Trends- KonradKrawczyk is interested in connecting next week on how SpeechTrans is being used in MyRoom and as a standalone app in Sprout. SSPR will follow up.


  • PCWorld- Melissa Riofrio is interested in speaking with SpeechTrans after she has a Sprout evaluation. She asked for a follow up in 1-2 weeks.


  • NYTimes- Quentin Hardy thinks that SpeechTrans in Sprout sounds interesting, but he cannot do it right now. He would like us to follow up in a few weeks to let him know if it has picked up traction since launching.


  • San Francisco Chronicle- Wendy Lee passed the information on SpeechTrans to her colleague Seung Lee who contributes to the app of the week column. SSPR is following up


  • PC Mag- Brian Westover is interested in reviewing a primer or reviewer’s guide of SpeechTrans and HP MyRoom. But has forwarded the information onto his colleague Jill Duffy for a full briefing. SSPR is following up.


  • Innovation Management- Lars Percy Anderson is interested in a demo of SpeechTrans and to discuss how SpeechTrans is changing cross-cultural meetings.


  • Mashable- Pete Patchel is interested in Sprout and SpeechTrans but hasn’t had a unit to test out yet. He requested a follow up after he is given a test computer.


  • Android Guys- AsadRaif has filed his review and is hoping to see it go live next week. SSPR is following up.


  • Forbes- Jean-Baptiste Su is interested in SpeechTrans technology and how it is used by HP. He requested videos and images before setting up a demo. SSPR has sent collateral.


  • Bloomberg Businessweek- Karen Klien interviewed Yan on Thursday on alterative was to receive funding. Unfortunately, she did not use SpeechTrans as a resource. SSPR is following up.


  • Apples n’ Apps- Trevor Sheridan requested additional information on the updated iPhone app. SSPR will send the release.



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