Microsoft Partner, SpeechTrans, Demos at HP Discover

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Following up on an earlier article where I talked about SpeechTrans making waves over Microsoft’s May 27th announcement at the Re/code conference about Skype’s upcoming language translator service, SpeechTrans has now provided their own HP Discovery demo. The, almost 4 minute, demo is pretty impressive, showing how SpeechTrans Translator doesn’t just work over IP networks, but also works with standard phones to allow diverse languages to communicate. What’s most interesting about SpeechTrans’ technology is that the...

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Not to be Outdone, SpeechTrans to Demonstrate Google Glass Translator in June at HP Discover

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It looks like Microsoft beat someone to the punch with the recent unveiling of Skype Translator at the Re/code conference. And, this may be the first time in a long time that Microsoft has been able to trump competitors with a technology reveal. However, not necessarily a competitor, SpeechTrans is reported to have been doing real-time translation for years already and based on communications today is wanting to remind us that the company’s product is touted as the “world’s most advanced translator.” SpeechTrans is a...

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WFTV speaks to creator of translation app

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Communicating in emergency situations is a vital aspect of being able to deliver live-saving support. The news excerpt from WFTV demonstrates how a new technology called SpeechTrans can be used for 911 emergency calls that saves lives. Every second counts in such scenarios and John Frei, Founder of SpeechTrans demonstrate the technology. Source:...

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Central Florida based app translates speech into 44 languages

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John Frei loves technology. His Central Florida-based company created the speech-trans app. It takes what you say and translates it on the fly into 44 different languages. SpeechTrans launched on IPhones 6-months before google translate in 2010. Frei says he’s already heard from a cop who uses it on the job and a paramedic who saved someone’s life using the app. “He reached for his IPhone then started the SpeechTrans app to diagnose the patient found out that he was um… allergic to insulin which would’ve resulted in a...

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SpeechTrans Ultimate First Windows 8.1 App to offer Real-Time Speech-to-Speech Translation on Social Media

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LYNDHURST, N.J., April 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — SpeechTrans Inc., provider of the world’s most advanced translation technology, announced today that the company’s updated SpeechTrans Ultimate app for Windows 8.1 is the first to offer real-time text and voice translation over Facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo! and AIM. By finally allowing speakers of different languages to have fluid and accurate conversations over popular social networks, SpeechTrans has eliminated language barriers between speakers of 26 different languages. With...

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Microsoft has Discontinued support for Windows XP but do not fear, SpeechWeb is here

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SpeechWeb: Your Solution to Changing Operating Systems As of April of 2014, Microsoft is discontinuing its support for Windows XP. Except to address critical security flaws that might arise, Microsoft will not release any additional patches for Windows XP. XP driver releases for new hardware will also soon be unavailable. XP was a solid operating system that many people are still content using. What if you’re not ready to embrace this change? SpeechWeb by SpeechTrans provides users with a cloud-based remote desktop so that your operating...

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LogMeIn…But For A Charge?

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The popular LogMeIn program, which allows for virtual collaboration, has discontinued the free version of its service. Those using the free version of this software will have seven days (from the next time they login) to upgrade to a paid account. $99 per year is what it’ll cost you to continue with LogMeIn. That gives you access to the software on up to two computers. $249 annually will give users access from up to five computers and $449 is the price point for small businesses that want to use LogMeIn on up to 10 computers. Those are pretty...

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ObamaCare and the Need for Translation

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30 million Americans are expected to register for ObamaCare in the near future. Nine million of those people don’t speak English. InterprePhone by SpeechTrans is an affordable phone-based translation service that can really make a difference in your ability to provide medical treatment to these 9 million Americans. Using any phone, medical professionals can simply dial into a conference line that will provide automatic speech-to-speech translation in over 15 languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin,...

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North American translation industry lags significantly behind Europe

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According to a report from research firm Common Sense Advisory, the North American translation industry is lagging significantly behind its European counterpart. While North America’s market share dropped by 13.65% from 2011 – 2012, the European translation industry’s share grew by 6.28% during that same time period. Although the report says that the bulk of the reason is because American armed forces have significantly reduced their presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, it also says that private sector businesses have been “cautious with...

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SpeechTrans partners with Intel® to increase access to translation technology

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LYNDHURST, N.J., Dec. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — SpeechTrans Inc. today announced its collaboration with Intel®, allowing the company to optimize its successful Pro Communicator app for Intel’s latest tablet platforms, as a new participant in the Intel® Software Partner Program for independent software vendors (ISVs). (Photo: SpeechTrans Pro Communicator for Android was recently tested and verified to run effectively on mobile devices based on Intel® Architecture. As an...

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