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October 2, 2017

Google Launches SpeechTrans Copycat again this time earbuds (but worse) 

Google has done it again. Similar to how SpeechTrans was the first to launch our Cloud Based Speech Interpreter in 2010 prior to google adding speech to speech translation in their app. However, as usual their offering is inferior to SpeechTrans due to the fact they are trying to do everything and we only do one thing, provide the world’s most advanced universal translator. We will break down the comparison to SpeechTrans and Google Translate below and see there is no contest when it comes to Speech to Speech Translation SpeechTrans (in our testing) is superior in almost every way. 
1. Accuracy: what good is an automated speech interpreter if it’s not accurate? Our engine uses the world’s largest database of human translated corpora with over 3 billion entries entered by thousands of certified translators. Google translate uses statistical machine translation which is our second level of translation if the sentence is not in the database. 

2. Wireless earbuds from SpeechTrans are truly wireless and world like the real world Babel fish when each person can put one in their ear and hold a conversation in two languages in near real time. The difference is googles has a wire between the ear buds and only one person gets to benefit from the ear buds, the other person has to listen and speak into the phone. 

3. SpeechTrans is truly enterprise which is why companies such as HPE which is also the 5 largest translator company in the world uses SpeechTrans speech to speech translation in their own technical support and chat tool http://Myroom.hpe.com


This time Google has copied us yet again with translating earbuds. Our wireless earbuds were released over a year ago and they allow for real time speech to speech translation continuously when connected to our application. SpeechTrans earbuds are truly wireless and can be put in each persons ear for a truly private speech to speech conversation in any setting. Since googles have a wire one person would need to hold the phone to hear the translation.  

We have previously written about Innovation being dead since we acknowledging large companies simply take ideas from small ones and use their marketing muscle to help promote them. 

We believe that because of the resources behind companies such as Google our only way to compete is to keep building technologies of the future that will continuously stay ahead of the curve and never stop innovating. We also plan to support google earbuds as you can use SpeechTrans to access 10,000 live interpreters through any device. 

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