Real Life UFO Seen in North Bergen NJ and captured on iPhone by SpeechTrans Inc Executive assistant. Video was taken on 9-11-2017 4:27 PM and again on 9-12-2017 at 5:51 AM. If you don’t believe in UFO’s checkout the 30 year history of UFO sightings in North Bergen NJ.

This is the first time that we know of that it was captured on video.

We are looking for professional video producers to verify the validity of the video. However, after reviewing the history of the town and watching the History channel special about UFO sightings in North Bergen NJ we at SpeechTrans believe the videos to be 100% authentic UFO sightings!

In light of this event. SpeechTrans believes that we could be doing more to help our planet communicate better with our own people (and maybe one day ET!). As a result of this our goal is to make SpeechTrans free to all first responders, police officers, military, and disaster relief personnel around the world so that we can help each other. If you are a first responder and would like speechtrans simply email with first responders in the subject and the number of users in your division and we will make sure they have access to SpeechTrans, the world’s most advanced translator.

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