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November 3, 2016
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December 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton lost the election because of bad IT advice. Don’t let it happen to you or your company.

Hillary could have avoided being the center of attention of an email scandal if her government facilities provided her with the ability to work from anywhere, even for example, her daughters laptop and still be able to communicate securely without having to use the government issued laptop as the only device which she is able to send out emails.

As a Microsoft managed partner, we at SpeechTrans would have advised Hillary to use our SpeechWeb service which is hosted on the Azure cloud so she can use any laptop or device to connect to a secure virtual desktop and be able to send work emails on that device, as well as access all of the files in windows file shares regardless if its iOS, Android, Windows or Mac.

SpeechWeb is basically a Windows 10 Desktop in the cloud which can securely store your company files, act as a disaster recovery and failover and still be accessible from any device that can support Microsoft Remote Desktop. Something we have been part of since the Azure Beta release, SpeechWeb is hosted on Microsoft Azure platform so it is the only cloud hosting provider where the government (apparently not the State department) hosts their files. Don’t let the same mistake for your company purchase SpeechWeb today for only $39/month and have the old security vs. accessibility IT problem solved.
SpeechTrans also has an API that doesn’t require a rocket science degree to use. An API stands for application interface and allows anyone to use the SpeechTrand features, such as translation, dictation, sentiment analysis or even live interpreters to your app or workflow with just a few clicks of the mouse (we promise). Checkout the article written by our friends at Zapier about how to use the SpeechTrans API to get a 100% customer user acceptance response. Zapier Blog

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