Why Do we do it?1

Why Do we do it?

Both of the founders of SpeechTrans had to go through the difficulty of relocating to a new country at one point. This is their way of giving back to the people who need them most. SpeechTrans offer free access for SpeechTrans Ultimate Apps to anyone who fills out our registration page and selects refugee under user type. This will unlock 1 year of free access to the worlds most advanced translator where they can use SpeechTrans to communicate freely around the world.
How can you get it?2

How can you get it?

SpeechTrans lets you track flights, communicate with others securely, have unlimited real time speech to speech translations on any device. All you have to do is select Refugee when registering for SpeechTrans and instead of 7 days free you'll get 1 year!
What if i'm not a refugee?3

What if i'm not a refugee?

Don't worry we have a plan for everyone. SpeechTrans is offering 15% cash back incentive for companies who purchase our Business SpeechTrans offering which includes installed in the cloud running virtual desktops so they can also use it as their work environment. Just schedule a meeting to discuss at http://meeting.speechtrans.com
What about Non Profits and NGOs?4

What about Non Profits and NGOs?

SpeechTrans has a discount for non profits and NGOs. We can do 100% accurate legal quality transcription and translation at $1/min or $.07/word in 144 languages with our 10,000 translators. We also have world class speech recognition software that can assist anyone traveling abroad. Just schedule a meeting to discuss at http://meeting.speechtrans.com

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